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Served between

12pm & 3pm / 6pm & 9pm


Served between

12pm & 3pm / 6pm & 9pm


A great selection to choose from!



A fabulous range to choose from!


The Crab Shack is all about the Seafood!


Now in our 9th year of trading, the Crab Shack was built off of the hard work of the fantastic and dedicated local fisherman.

La Vagabond De Mer, Helen Claire and Royal Escape have been operating out of Teignmouth for years, risking the weather and high seas in the English Channel to bring back the best Crab & Lobster available.

Our Crew’s promise is to use only the best seafood, supplied from as many local sources as possible. We believe in sustainable and responsible fishing to protect the seas for our children and grandchildren to enjoy for the coming years.

From the Crab Boats that land just yards away, to the local line caught whole fish, our ethos is local, quality food, caught, prepared and served in a way that preserves and protects our planet and local economy.

A Family run business with a strong local ethos, our Crew look to welcome you and hope that you enjoy our Devonly Fish!